Start your practice with my upcoming
-week Yoga for Beginners Course 
- A Yoga Course for Runners -
You're training for Your next race and...
  •  It's getting harder. The long runs get longer, and the time it takes to recover does too. And if you're anything like I used to be, sometimes you only have enough energy for sofa - pizza - Netflix.
  •  As much as you're not out to break the world-record, you still believe within you that you can run better, feel stronger, and maybe even achieve a new PB. Surely that's possible, no?
  •  And after all, you're not 25 anymore, aches and pains are just an inevitable part of growing older (*at least that's what you've been made to believe...?)
  •  You're coming back from injury and would love a gentle way to build up strength and balance again.
  •  You've got your physio on speed dial for this pesky, recurring pain or injury - the worst thing is training for an event and then on the day not being able to actually do it, because you're injured...
  •  You enjoy doing Yoga but sadly don't have the time to commit to regularly go to your local Yoga studio.
sounds familiar? I hear you...
There is a way to get stronger, improve your running, recover quicker 
and maybe even avoid aches and pains all together.
  •  Create deep core strength within you to run stronger, faster, better. You will start to experience for yourself how to start cultivating a deep strength of mind.
  •  Find balance and more awareness, improve your running form and reduce the risk of injury.
  •  Start to breathe easier, and as a result recover quicker. 
  •  Zone into your body to be nourished fully and encourage re-energising and healing on all levels.
  •  Let go of the urge to do more and release the pressure we often put ourselves under. Instead notice how you can slowly start to peel away any chronic tension, activate your body's healing qualities to achieve more with less effort.
 As a result of a regular yoga practice, 
runners see extraordinary changes in 
their levels of performance, the quality of their life
 and in their relationships to others  & themselves
Hi, my name is Eva!
This is me, at the finish line of my favourite (and best) marathon ever! (Berlin 2013)

I've been a keen runner for a good 20 years now, and fell in love with practicing Yoga over 12 years now, when it helped anxious me find some calm and peace in a stressful time. 

Since I started teaching in 2011 I have predominantly worked with runners and cyclists to share with them the powerful benefits the practice brought to me and I hope you'll join me on the other side to experience it for yourself.
With kick-off on Wed, 6 March, this 6-week online course designed to work alongside your running training.

I'll have you experience the powerful benefits a Yoga practice offers us as runners and guide you from being a beginner on the mat to intelligently complementing your training to be stronger, run and recover better. 

You'll discover a renewed sense of ease, freedom and lightness in your body
as well as in your mind. Especially once those long runs start to get longer!
Early bird discounts & extra bonus still available!
The course will live in an exclusive part of my website where you get access to the trainings one week at a time. 

Enjoy lifetime access 
to the course and training materials, incl. any future updates / add-on's.
You'll get one weekly Yoga session (1hr) to practice in your own time.

We move through a combination of yoga postures - warm up's & cool down's, dynamic & more restorative sessions - to dial into all the little trouble areas that come when we're training, so we can get the best out of it.

Additionally, you'll get an extra weekly training on modifications, tips & tricks, contraindications, how it's all relevant in a running context & also my favourite meditations.
You will be supported
from the moment
you get access to the course.
I'll guide you every step
of the way.
Tune in.
Get informed. 
And have any Q's answered
so you can stay focused 
to make it
your best running year yet.

(*if you're not on FB, rest assured, all training sessions and Q&A's will be uploaded to the course area - you won't miss a thing!)
Membership Area
Exclusive course area
Life time access

= worth £40
6-week Beginners Course
x6 pre-recorded 1hr sessions

A minimum of x6 additional trainings 

= worth £90
Support & Guidance
Ask me any questions, address worries and concerns, be held accountable, and be supported 
every step of the way.

Exclusive bonus material 

= worth £117
It's easy to get started, in your own home,
at your own time.
Time-limited discount of £85
(*save £162)
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Anything you need to know to get started, tips & tricks and do's and don't's.

6-months access to part of my new Membership program (coming soon) which includes a growing library of currently x18 pre-recorded Strength & Stability sessions, Warm Up and Cool Down sessions.

All sessions are bite-sized between 5 and 15mins long, as well as some longer sessions too. 

(BONUS worth £45+) 

Are you based in/around Bristol?

Come and meet me for a complimentary 1 hour Yoga class at my new venue in Brislington - putting a name to a face and getting to know you a little better. (FYI - I'm moving house end April, so getting started there mid-May.) 

(*BONUS worth £9) 
Posture Party
A bit of a spin on our Saturday pre-marathon tradition!  Here you'll find me talking you through a growing number of individual Yoga postures & exercises. You'll find all info you need, including contraindications, modifications and FAQ's for each of them.
The Top 5 Running Injuries & Yoga
The top 5 running injuries - and my take on how do start healing with Yoga. We'll go into Runners Knee, ITB friction syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints, Piriformis Syndrome (*more to be discussed during the weekly training sessions).
Training Plans
Training for a marathon with a plan is a MUST as it offers a ton of benefits. If you're a seasoned runner, I'm sure you already have one that works for you. In case you don't yet have your own - choose your Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Training Plan. 
Your Yoga practice with the physical, breathing, and meditative components are technologies that can truly unlock your energy and performance. It turns your practice into an inspiring transformation and has you find a greater sense of home within yourself and the world.

Yoga is for everyone. It's not exclusive, it's not just for the stretchy and bendy people. 

Your Yoga mat is a safe haven from a hectic life. Give yourself permission to truly find balance. And along the way, you may notice a tipping point where you start to take the practice off your mat and into the world.

Invite a new experience into your life. All you need to do is start.

Get Started Today.
(*time-limited offer)
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Q: I'm a complete beginner - will I still be able to follow the program?
A: If you're healthy, running regularly (no matter what distance) and have no major current injuries, this program is for you - no matter whether you can touch your toes or not. If you have any doubts in terms of your ability to follow the program, please go ahead and send me a message and we'll talk things through.
Q: Will I be able to get instant access to the program?
A: Yes, you'll be sent a link to the log in page and once you create an account you'll have access to the first week as well as all of the Bonus material. To avoid overwhelm in this busy world, you'll only receive Week #2 a week from sign up, Week #3 the week after etc... Remember to schedule a weekly time that suits YOUR schedule! Don't commit and then fall off the wagon! But I'll help you with that...
Q: What if I'm "only" training for a Half Marathon or even "just" a 10km?
A: It's not just for marathon runners! You're more than welcome to join! No matter what level, speed or age you're at and no matter what distance you're training for, Yoga has a huge potential to benefit you in big ways - balancing the repetitive nature of our sport and helping us live a more connected, healthier life along the way. 

Practicing Yoga does not only have the potential to make you a better, faster runner. That's not our sole purpose. It's a tool for transformation that way exceeds the purely physical. In today's busy life, I believe we need it more than ever - for physical, but also for mental and emotional well being. 
Q: I'm so inflexible I can't touch my toes. 
A: Probably THE most common excuse not to get started, AND strangely enough one of THE best reasons to get started too. Makes no sense? You may be right, but if you're still with me right now, you'll know that touching your toes is by no means a pre-requisite. Keep showing up for yourself, know that the effects of the practice will increase overtime. Rest assured that I'll address how to move and adjust and position yourself in order to reap all the beautiful benefits the practice has on offer for us.  
Q: Will I need to check with my health care provider prior to starting the program?
A: If you have any doubts whatsoever, may it be you are or have been injured or if your range of movement is seriously limited or else - especially if it's connected to any pain or injury, I strongly recommend you consult with a trusted primary health care practitioner beforehand. This course is not a substitute for any therapy you're currently receiving. Do feel free to contact me if you'd like to talk things through.
I hope to see you on the inside!

Finally attend a Yoga class that fits around YOUR schedule.
I'll support and guide you along your journey to feeling stronger, 
being healthier, run better and hopefully get injured less.
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