This platform is for YOU, lovely one, to re-connect to yourself, find lightness & freedom within your body and mind. 
Enjoy the powerful benefits a mindful movement practice offers us! 
Yoga & Meditation with Eva
Video 1 - what all this is about
Video 2 - my story and where YOU come in
Video 3 - the piece that brings it all together
Each month starting this January, I'll share with you tools to better navigate life with all its craziness, 
even in the midst of the many stormy weathers we all face.
The benefits of a regular movement and yoga practice are endless. 

I'll walk you through how to get started, so you can EASILY create a regular home practice - a powerful addition to your attendance in class. Strictly no bending into pretzels necessary ;)

If you've not practiced Yoga before, I'd be so excited & welcome you to try it!

Enjoy new sequences to practice & dive in whenever you are unable to join me at class here at The Langton / St. Anne's.

Take advantage of one free Yin Yoga & Restorative class with every month of your membership! (extra goodie if you're quick - see below)
On a weekly basis, you'll receive one Mini Masterclass that reflects what we talk about in class.

Within our weekly FB Live Meditations, I'll then share with you tools that enable us to make use of the huge power of our mind for a laser beam like focus & concentration.

Every month you'll receive one Masterclass where I'll go into some exciting topics all things Yoga & Mind related.

Upcoming topics ... 

Yoga Philosophy. Our fascinating Nervous System and how we can self-regulate. Basics of TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine. How to get to know ourselves and create change within.
Lower back care. Shoulder alignment. Posture parties and so much more ... 
Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation is an absolutely amazing and inspiring cause to support.

I'm so super honoured to be part of the team that is raising awareness and funds to create a life of hope for hundreds of girls and women.

By joining me today, roughly a third of your contribution will go to support this charity project so close to my heart. 

I'll hope you'll join me - together we can make a huge difference, so here's to you - a massive thank you in advance!
So now it's my absolute pleasure to invite you to walk alongside me on this journey.
Commit to yourself, your health and well-being and join me on this exciting adventure into an amazing New Year 2020.

Deep gratitude & Namaste,
Eva xxx
What you get:
  • ​Unlimited online access to a growing library of bite-sized Yoga and Meditation classes, sessions and tutorials, led by me, myself and I :) 
  • ​Start a regular Yoga & Meditation home practice! I'm here with you every step of the way and show you how.
  • Part of the of profit will go towards the Yoga Medicine SEVA Foundation - we're changing lives!
  • ​All meditation sessions conveniently in Audio format 
  • ​Support & guidance from an experienced, full time Yoga Teacher & Therapist
  • ​Enjoy weekly Live Meditations in our Private Facebook Group, have your questions answered, be held accountable and connect with like-minded people along the way.
  • Are you local to Bristol? Enjoy one FREE Yin Yoga class each month that you're a part of our new membership #yourewelcome #wellbeingguaranteed


If you're one of my first 25 students to sign up, 
you'll ALSO be able to 
choose between our Tue 9.30am class 
or our Wed 6.30pm class!

ONE TIME OFFER: Book in at a SPECIAL DISCOUNT to our January Workshop - all for Charity. Saturday, 25 January at 10:00-12:00 for only £12. It's a dynamic, continuous (ie heat building - prepare to sweat!) Yoga flow, followed by a balancing Yin & Restorative Yoga for the second half. Enjoy the benefits of both the strength and flexibility element as well as the relaxing and meditative aspects of the practice. ALL profit to go the YMSF charity (info below)

Step 1: Your Information
Step 2: Payment
£14.50 per month
£12 (usually £15)
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100% Secure Payment
Yoga Medicine Seva foundation

Thanks SO much for your support!

All the love
"I think we have hit the nail on the head with your sessions. The core is so important for everything we do, especially running. Given my recent hip injury, I have had to stop and evaluate. I am on the path to better running I know. And you are helping me."
- Amanda 

"I have attended a 10 week course of yoga with Eva and found her classes to be excellent. I am feeling some significant results. Eva is an extremely skilled, personable and passionate teacher who makes you feel welcome and cared for every session. She supports in a professional and discrete manner and you know you are in safe hands. I especially enjoy the time in the classes to be still, to focus on my breathing and feel calm after a busy day at work. I highly recommend attending Eva's yoga classes whether you are a beginner or more advanced."
- Donna 

"Eva is so enthusiastic about giving you the best possible yoga experience and manages to achieve a lovely friendly and relaxed atmosphere alongside a stretching and stimulating yoga practice. 
Despite some of the challenging postures we achieve during the hour, I always leave the class feeling completely chilled, relaxed, less stressed and glad that I made the effort to attend. 
I've also always had slight issues with lower back and neck pain and I've found that regular attendance at Eva's classes have practically eliminated these pains. 
I cannot recommend her highly enough; whether you're a yoga pro or trying it out for the first won't find a nicer class!"
- Katherine

"As a complete beginner I was a bit nervous at first but you have been great at welcoming me into the world of yoga, and the classes have been a great way to relax, stretch and recover from running. Always leave feeling happy and rejuvenated."
- Andy

"Your relaxed style and infectious laugh instantly create a warm atmosphere which I appreciate as a comparative beginner to yoga. I feel my legs and back and shoulders being stretched into a better place, and my breathing and brain being relaxed, it is wonderful.
You have a gift."
- John

"What a beautiful lady inside and out. Her passion, love and belief for yoga and for me making the time to practice is so centering, it has made the world of difference having this site in my life. (I love the bite-size meditations, especially when I have to travel away with work!) I feel truly blessed that I have the opportunity to practice yoga with such a happy, peaceful soul - no matter where I am or what I need, Eva is always there for me.
Thank you x"
- Martha

Join me today!
"Jump and the net will appear" So they say. And so I'm doing it. Creating this online platform that has patiently been waiting for so long to be manifested.

I'm looking forward to sharing my own journey with you, of life and yoga and all the good things that come with tuning in and re-connecting to our deep inner core and centre. 

There's a ginormous shift happening in the world, where more and more people are committed to do the own inner work, taking care of their bodies AND their minds. And I believe it's SO important and SO needed these days to stay connected to ourselves, to unplug from the craziness of the world and find that peace and stillness that's always there for us. Not out there somewhere - but right inside ourselves.

Join me to dive a little deeper, with pockets of mindful movements which are so powerful and effective. Dive into your beautiful self, into your own practice, doing the work alongside me, and start noticing the effects it has on your own life as we slowly cultivate different habits, healthier ways of being in a beautiful world! It won't always be easy, but it sure is worth it.

I salute you for taking this step and joining in. And I'm here by your side, get in touch with any questions whatsoever. I look forward to having you here with me.
I'll see you on the other side!
Many thanks, much love and big smiles,
Eva xoxo
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